Cyberlight Comics : Glorifying God


What is Cyberlight Comics?

Boasting dozens of titles drawn by artists from all over the world, Cyberlight Comics is the largest website dedicated to hosting completely free faith-based comics. From action/adventure to gothic to political satire and everything in between, Cyberlight Comics has a diverse array of titles rarely seen together under one roof. All our comics are tied together by a common message: To see God glorified in everything we do. Drawn by passionate volunteers, Cyberlight Comics are read by thousands of readers every month. As one of our foundational principles, we offer all of this freely to the internet community

Our Two-Fold Vision

The primary focus of Cyberlight Comics is to glorify God of the Bible on the internet. Those who contribute to Cyberlight have faith in Jesus as their only Lord and Savior as displayed in the Holy Bible. While we may disagree on some of the finer points of theology, each of us holds the Holy Bible as the final authority in moral and spiritual matters. Every work on Cyberlight Comics is designed to bring others closer to God and glorifying Him. Our secondary focus is to encourage others, who have the appropriate talents, to do the same. We are always accepting submissions. We also work to bring those with various talents together. So, if you're a writer, artist or colorist, drop us a note. We might have someone for you to team up with..


In 2003, Cyberlight Comics hit the net hosting a couple of faith-based comics, starting with Wildlight and Wonderdove. The layout was very basic and the updates, infrequent. Within a couple of years, Lightning Prophetess and Weird World of Weiss joined Cyberlight, and version 3.0 of the site was born. With four comics, updates to the site came more often. Around that time, members of Cyberlight began running tables at conventions to spread the word. Over the next few years, a couple of more regular titles came on board, as well as a number of one-shot titles. We needed another revamp and released Version 4. Boasting a slick modern design, animated menus and more space for comics, it surpassed over 1,000 unique monthly visitors. Cyberlight got a revamp again in 2010 when we exceeded half a gig of graphical files. The new design allowed for animated news updates with hyperlinks and made much better use of space. Today, Cyberlight looks great, has dozens of titles, thousands of readers, and room for much more!

So You Have Talent?

Then you have come to the right place! Cyberlight Comics is YOUR sandbox and playground! Cyberlight Comics provides a collection of tools to help you combine the power of the internet and your talent to spread the message of Jesus' love. You provide the talent. We will provide the tools. Together, we'll reach people with the message of Jesus' love and grace through the powerful medium of the internet and electronic distribution. Here's how we can work together. Cyberlight provides:

  • Free web hosting.
  • Advertising.
  • Inclusion of your work in various hard copy formats, that are distributed, free of charge. Inclusion of your work in various comic conventions.
    If you need editors to help you develop and hone your work, we got 'em!
  • If you would like to lend your specialized talents to a larger project, that's great! We will find partners to work with you on a team effort.
    Advice and guidance to make your work 'web friendly.' We are actually able to format some forms of art and literature directly to web format, saving you valuable time!

You provide

  • Your talent. We accept quality comic strips, eComics, one-shot artworks, short stories and more. We also support ongoing stories and eComics. If you have a new idea, please ask. We LIKE new ideas!
    If you want to make your own work from start to finish, that's great! We provide as little or as much help as you need.

Of course, there must be a catch, right?

  • All works must be made with the intention of leading others closer to God.
  • This intention must be easily seen in the work. For comics (eComics), certain specifications must be met. (Images must be scanned, legible, certain size constraints, etc.) A panel of three editors will review work of questionable content and quality for inclusion.
  • You are welcome to put your name, email address, web address, etc, on your work.
  • We are an evangelical effort. Your work will be displayed on the internet, copied and distributed, free of charge. You must give us permission to do this.

Sound fun? Want to become a missionary of this brave, new world? Write us!! We'll talk and tell you more about this exciting opportunity to work in this groundbreaking field of evangelism.

Struggling? Need Advice?

For those serious about creating comics that glorify God, a lofty goal, we offer the four "Cs"!

"CHALLENGE Yourself" to use your time and talents to glorify God. Push yourself harder than ever before. Eliminate those things which would distract you and keep you from fulfilling God's call on your life!

"CREATE Comics" and other arts that glorify God as often as you can!

"COOPERATE with others to create awesome stuff!" You will rarely find a professional, well-recognized comic written, penciled, inked, and colored by the same individual. The best comics are team efforts where some (if not all) put their ego on the back burner to work together on something larger.

"CHANGE Everything!" Your comics and art, designed to glorify God, will lead others closer to Him, making an ETERNAL difference. This is absolutely one of the best uses of your time, talent and resources! Furthermore, by following His calling, your faith in God grows. By completing projects, your talent and self confidence also improves.

If you're ready to join us, email me! ( jcservant at cyberlightcomics dot com )

JCServant, Project Coordinator