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Note: Cyberlight Links are chosen by Cyberlight team members and fans. However, due to different points of view and denominations, not everyone will agree with everything. Therefore we have to state that not all of the opinions and viewpoints in each of these are necessarily those of the staff or the site as a whole. Please email the webmaster with any concerns or new likes you would like to see here.

Section 1: Cyberlight Staff Member's Websites

  • JCServant's blog, "Lightwaves" where he shared his thoughts on writing, scripture, culture and more!
  • JCServant's DeviantArt Page


Section 2: Other Chrisitan Artist's Websites

R Squared Comics - Another great Christian Comics site with a lot of promise!


Section 3: Christian Theology

Letter from Sean Sellers to Christian Arists - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 - Sean Richard Sellers was an American murderer. His case drew worldwide attention due to his age (17) as well as his jailhouse conversion to Christianity and his claim that demonic possession made him innocent of his crimes. Few know that he read comics heavily as a child, and later petitioned Christian artists to band together to make an impact for Christ using their talents.

Alfie Movie from the 1960’s. (Parental Guidence Suggested)  When it was remade for the 21st century, they took out one of the most shocking scenes ever.  That’s right, a scene that was in the 1960’s version was too shocking for the 21st century.  Now this scene is on YouTube! :

An amazing scene from ER which we can all learn from:

A great message from Lecrae about using our gift in American CULTure.