Allegories of the Way
by Melchizedek Todd

Open Door
Volume 1
Volume 2

3Various Comics
by Psycho Ann

Check out a variety of interesting short stories by Phycho Ann! Including Fleeting, Joatham's Curse,
Thy Name and Saint


The Unnamed Hero
by L. Ruiz

A relatively unknown hero saves a city from an unfathomable evil. However, it's what he does after that which matters the most.

Johnny B. Goode
by C. Jones

A superhero fights one of the cities most dangerous criminals, but struggles with own emotions at the end of the night.


The Night Before I Went to Jail
by J. Suther

A back alley theft goes wrong... or does it go right?

Do You Love God
by Igor Kolgariov

A simple question changes a man's life forever!

Shock Squad
by C. Jones

A group of heroes take on aliens from space!


Last Chance
by L. Ruiz

A man gets one last chance to make the right choice.

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