Cyberlight Comics : Wildlight

"The legacy of faith starts here! Given an advanced personal stealth and armor system, Tammy is thrust into a classic battle of good vs. evil. However, the greatest battles she fights are the ones within."

From a broken family and a shattered heart a light will shine. The greatest adventure of faith starts here.

Issue #1: Origins
Collecting Webisodes #1-30, Widlight Issue #1: Origins, gives us a glimpse into who Tammy is, and how she obtains the Cyberlight Suit. Shortcuts: Issue 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30

Issue #2: A Place In This World
Tammy struggles as she tries to figure out her past and her future. Shortcuts: Issue 31



Written by JCServant on Feb 10, 2019


I have not updated here in some time, as I allowed life, college and more pull me away. However, I have re-dedicated myself to the task and I'm pushing forward.

If you check out my wordpress blog, you can find out more about what the direction I intend to take the title. I hope y'all will join me for this wild and crazy ride! If you want updates as I post these thoughts, pictures, etc, please follow me on Twitter, or join our email mailing list.


wildlight-Sketches-2015 by LazaroRuiz